Quarantine 2020

The quaratine of 2020 was a very challenging time.  As as an opera singer all of my concerts and productions were cancelled and for the Street-Portraits Project it meant a full stop since traveling and meeting strangers in the street was not an option. So I decided to put the extra free time to good use and make a photography project with a recently acquired 4x5in camera.

As subject I chose places in Bern (where I live with my family since 2008) that I know well and have been meaning to photograph but never had the chance to.  The use of black and white was a purely financial decision because I love color and never worked in monochrome before. They say restrictions promote creativity, so there you go.  One more thing to learn about.  I bought 100 sheets of Fomapan 200, the cheapest black and white film on the market and started this project.  I also found a sale of expired Polaroid Originals B&W 600 film and decided to use it along side this project.  The artistic rendering of this instant film is a counter weight to the hight definition and technical rendering of the 4x5in camera.

Please take a look at these postcards of the beautiful city of Bern.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

Click the images below to go to the galleries.

Autobahn Polaroid
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