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Lacandones de Nahá.Taken in the remote community of Nahá in the Southern Mexican state of Chiapas, these portraits depict the Lacandon people’s current situation, evoking nostalgia for their fading and evolving culture. They shed light on the delicate balance between tradition, globalization, adaptation and survival.

Aare I For eight years I photographed the same subject from a fixed vantage point. This project, which started as a photography exercise, captures the pure delight of the people of Bern in their beloved Aare river. There they peacefully float, immersed in vivid colors and the warmth of summer waters. It serves as a rejuvenating ritual before the onset of winter.

Made in Feuerwehr: im Quartier, vom Quartier, fürs Quartier is portrait project that showcases the members of the Feuerwehr Viktoria collective in Bern’s Breitenrain neighborhood. Through the use of traditional analogue darkroom processes featuring as many locally sourced materials as possible, the project embodies the collective’s values of craftsmanship, sustainability and community service.

Casa del Migrante Amar narrates the compelling story of Pastor Aarón Mendez, who sacrificed his life to shield migrants in his Nuevo Laredo, Mexico shelter from a local cartel looking to kidnap and extort Cuban refugees.  Captured in 2019, these portraits illuminate the arduous odyssey undertaken by U.S. asylum seekers, escaping violence and persecution from distant corners of the world, including Brazil and Congo. Through this series, we shed light on the migrant crisis and pay heartfelt tribute to Mr. Mendez’s courage.

Vochos: A Mexican Passion For A Foreign Car Or In Search For My Father celebrates the profound love that Mexicans have for the Volks Wagen “Beetle.” This iconic car symbolizes far more than its practicality and resilience; it embodies a sense of freedom and a life of memories. This series reflects not only the enduring bond between Mexicans and their “Vocho” but also serves as a personal tribute to the memory of my father.

Border Culture is a long term photography project that explores the fusion of cultures in Laredo, Texas. The city seamlessly blends English and Spanish in language and undergoes architectural transformations that mirror its cultural exchange. Laredo’s vibrant energy, driven by the transportation industry, shapes its ever-evolving landscape.

Motos: Life and Freedom on Valladolid’s Streets. The city of Valladolid, nestled in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, resonates daily with the thunderous presence of motorcycles and scooters. Locals cite financial considerations as the driving force behind this choice of transportation. Witnessing families, including babies, navigating the city on motorcycles prompts us to ponder whether financial circumstances alter our perception of danger and the  value of life.

Quarantine 2020. The pandemic presented an opportunity to experiment with contrasting photographic mediums against the picturesque backdrop of Bern, Switzerland. Equipped with a 4x5in technical camera and both standard black and white film, as well as expired Polaroid film, the project embarked on a creative exploration, juxtaposing the precision of the large format camera with the artistic rendering of the Polaroid film. 

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