About myself

My name is Gerardo Garciacano.  I grew up in the Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo  and I have been doing photography passionately for the past ten years, but my main profession is singing opera.  I bought my first DSLR while working as a soloist in the ensemble at Oper Köln in Cologne, Germany.  After a couple of years of self-training I started working as a portrait and stage photographer shooting mainly opera and theatre performances and performers.  I also worked as a wedding photographer in France, Germany and Switzerland which for me was essential training in the craft of photography.   

I later moved into more artistic and documentary formats exploring social and ethnic contexts. Several of my projects were inspired by my native country and Mexican culture, among them VochosMotos, Lacandones and Casa del Migrante Amar.  

In 2018, I started the Street-Portraits Project in Chiapas and I have taken it to four other countries since.  In this project I photograph people in the street that volunteer to pose in a formal studio-like setting.  I am interested in documenting in detail what people choose to wear in different countries and on specific occasions (festivals, night clubs, swimming pools, ski resorts) and how that is instinctively read.  I am also exploring how a formal lighting set-up influences the flux and spontaneity of street portraiture.  

I have collaborated with numerous institutions internationally, such as Na Bolom Suiza and Na Bolom ChiapasBern BuskersAtelier Rohling, and VivaMexico.  My work has been exhibited in Bern and Geneva and major portrait exhibition will be hosted by Fondation JETZT KUNST in the fall of 2022.

copyright © Gerardo Garciacano

If you participated in the Street-Portrait project and would like to receive a a copy of your portrait please write to me through the form HERE.

Please just tell me where I photographed you and what you had on that day. A brief description of yourself will also help me find your picture.  


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